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HAIR CONTACT® was developed to provide a natural-looking, simple-to-use and readily available solution for those suffering from patchy Alopecia Areata (bald spots) and other kinds of hair loss.

Hair Contact ® provides a perfect cosmetic solution for those suffering from hair loss, especially those suffering from patchy Alopecia Areata (bald spots).

It is easily applied, natural-looking and durable. Go about your daily activities without a care.  You can go to the gym, take a shower, wash your hair, bathe in a pool – do anything and go where the wind blows!

Due to novel technology, Hair Contact® is able to absorb the natural sweat and oil produced by the skin, leaving you carefree. It can be removed and replaced easily as needed.

All distributer profits are dedicated to Alopecia Areata medical research and patient’s welfare.

Contribute to medical research and improve your quality of life by buying Hair Contact® today

Hair Patches is a proud sponsor of the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF).








Completely Natural Appearance

The adhesive material is barely noticeable and is able to absorb the natural sweat and oil produced by the skin. It maintains continuous contact with the scalp.

Functional Comfort


You are free to shampoo, brush and cut your hair as you wish.


The material of this product is permeable, thus allowing the sensation of the wind throughout the hair.


Hair Contact® becomes one with the scalp via a specially made adhesive.


Hair Contact® is made of 0.03mm ultra-thin natural surface material.

0.03mm-Thin Super Natural Looking Unnoticeable Adhesive Strip

The 0.03mm ultra-thin adhesive surface material is unnoticeable. The novel technology developed by Propia (Hair Contact®’s producer) is the only one to date that can transplant artificial hair to this natural-looking surface material.


Hair Contact® would have been hardly possible using conventional technologies of handmade wig manufacturing. Hair Contact® was made possible by using absolutely new technology and introducing a completely automated production system developed by Propia (the producer of Hair Contact®).

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