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  • Love it!!! Please put on the market :)

    Love this product. Definitely a positive experience for people with patchy alopecia

    I love this and hope to buy many more patches!! I have a lot of large bald spot I'm trying to cover at the moment. This product has given me hope! I really hope it makes it to the market. Thank you for letting me be a part of this trial.

    Keep up the excellent work!

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What is hair contact??

Hair Contact  is a cosmetic product used to cover depilated areas, such as those resulting from round hair removal (Patchy Alopecia Areata), scratches, burns, etc. Users can cut the product to the size that meets their needs.

Since Hair Contact contains a high-quality adsorbent, it can be used with high confidence. The specially-designed adsorbent is confirmed as safe, and has close contact with the scalp. It results in a natural hairline that is virtually imperceptible to the naked eye.

How often is it used??

Although it varies depending on individual differences, it can last up to two weeks.

Can I change the shape of hair contact??

Yes, you can use it by cutting the size and hair length etc.. as you like.
Since the adsorbent is incorporated in the sheet, we recommend that you use scissors for cutting.


Although it is possible, adhesion is weak when applied on growing hair, so it is not recommended. You should shave the few remaining hairs in the area you want to use Hair-Contact on. If your hair starts re-growing again at normal volume then you should stop using Hair-Contact.

If my hair starts to regrow will it be ripped off when I peel the hair-contact? If so, will it harm the hair's follicles? ?

Every two weeks when you remove the product you can see whether during the removal small regrowing hairs has been ripped off, if so, these hairs only grew for a period of two weeks at most and their removal  does not harm their hair follicles, and, in this case, you can stop the use of the product and let the hair to continue growing. Until then, and as long as there are no signs of significant growth (not very sparse) it is safe and esthetic to cover the bald area with hair-contact.

Can I use it for children??

Yes, it can be used for children.

Can I use it in conjunction with a hair tonic??


Can I curl it??

You can use a hair iron. Temperature should be around 284⁰F  (140 Celsius). Please do not handle artificial hair at a higher temperature.

The synthetic hair becomes softer when heated by a flat hair iron. Be careful of the hair iron temperature though. Take the necessary precautions to avoid burn or injury.

Large curls

Fine curls

Can I use a hair drye and/or iron??

Yes, no problem.

Can I use a commercially available hair coloring agent??

Because it is made of artificial hair, it does not dye.

Is it okay to swim in the sea or the pool??

Yes. We use materials that are hardly affected by water and strong forces, so there is no problem.

How do I remove it??

When removing the product, please use commercially available cleansing oil for removing makeup.

  1. Apply cleansing oil to the entire film of the product and let it blend well. Leave it on for about 5 minutes to make it more fragile, so it becomes easier to peel off.
  2. Carefully peel off from the edge of the product sheet while turning. Peel slowly while squeezing the cleansing oil onto the adhesive side of the sheet and scalp using the fingers of the other hand.
  3. If you are wearing the product on top of your own hair, carefully remove it by including cleansing oil more carefully so as not to pull your own hair when peeling.
How should I store it??

Please keep away from hot and humid places.

Can hair contacts be used repeatedly??

Hair Contacts is a disposable item. Once removed,  it cannot be reused.


The length of the hair in the product is about 7 inches and can be shortened to the length of natural hair. If the natural hair is much shorter, it is advisable to shorten the product’s hair in a way that is more convenient to work with before pasting on the scalp, and adjusting the length precisely only after pasting on the scalp.


Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Red and Blonde. Please note that synthetic hair cannot be dyed. The longer the natural hair, the more easily the patch merges with the hair.

What are the patch's dimensions ??

The dimensions are 1.5inches * 2 inches (3 sq. inches) and the length of the hair t is 7 inches.
Every individual can then adjust the shape of the patch and the length of the hair to its own characteristics.